Management & Staff

Edumed Trust is run by a Board of Trustees (BoT) that meets quarterly and when necessary. The BoT sets out policies, fundraises and ensures that the funds are spent on the very purpose they are raised for.

There is also an Executive Board, which meets at least once every 2 months. The Executive Board is responsible for strategic planning and overseeing the day to day operations. All the BoT and Executive Board members are volunteers who are passionate about Edumed mission.

The Board of Trustees

George N. Macgoye, EBS, OGW Chairman  

Henry Rugendo | Trustee

Emmy Kiptugen | Trustee

Charles Njoroge | Trustee/Secretary


Patrick Kihara Trustee

Janet Mwenda Trustee Kennedy Gatange | Trustee

Staff Profiles

Mr. Charles Njoroge - Trust Secretary & CEO

He has a wealth of experience in finance and management. He has served the trust in various capacities including as the inaugural chair of the executive board.

He became a trustee in 2010 and appointed Trust Secretary in 2011 before taking up the new role of CEO in August 2012. He holds a B.Ed (Arts) from Moi University and is an Associate Consultant and Trainer for several organisations.

Ms. Elizabeth Waichinga – Trust Coordinator

She joined Edumed Trust in June 2008 as a Team Leader in Edumed events. Elizabeth spearheads fundraising activities and also oversees the Trust’s corporate communications while serving as the secretary to the executive board.

Her field is development communication, holding a B.A in Journalism & Media studies from the University of Nairobi.

Mr. Harrison Elondanga - Finance Assistant

He is an Edumed beneficiary from the Class of 2008 and joined Edumed as a volunteer based in the finance department in January 2013. He is pursuing CPA and joined the Trust as a staff in May 2013 assisting with the finance and logistics.
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