Application for Sponsorship

Please follow the application procedure below:


NB: Application Timeline: December– March of every year (Once a year)


Students’ Selection Criteria

To qualify for Edumed support, one must fulfill the following minimum criteria:

·       Must have passed KCPE and been admitted to a government secondary school.

·       Must attain a minimum of 375 points for boys and 350 points for girls in their KCPE exam.

·       The parent/guardian must satisfy the Edumed management through an interview that they are needy after completing an application form that is also certified by the former primary school Head Teacher, Chief and Minister of religion.

·       The parent/guardian must meet all other school requirements such as uniform and textbooks as the Trust only pays tuition fees.


Application Process:

a)     Access Application Form via Edumed Trust Website ( or request from the Edumed Office. Download the form by clicking here!

b)     Duly fill in the Application form and attach the required supporting documents

c)     Submit the duly filled Application form to the Edumed office by Post (P.O Box 1025-00502, Karen) /Email/ Hand delivery no later than March 15th

Shortlisting and Interviews- April of every year*

Admission into the program- May of every Year **

Once admitted into the program, Edumed Trust commits to supporting the student through their secondary school education up to Form Four subject to the agreed conditions.



*Scheduled based on the Annual Calendar of events approved by the Management Board


**Subject to availability of funds

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