Annual Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Programme 

Over the years, Edumed held annual luncheons which played the role of an informal forum to allow the students and partners to mingle and chat. The main drawback to these sessions, however, was limitation in time. Thus, was born the idea of organising a retreat which would allow us ample time to share with, guide and counsel the students on various issues. The first students retreat took place on 21st August to 23rd August 2009 at the St. George’s Girls Secondary School. The student’s retreat has now become an annual event where we invite our partners to meet with our sponsored students to share one on one during our annual students retreat.

In 2017, the 8th Annual Mentorship was held from 21st to 23rd April 2017 at St. Georges’ Girls Secondary School, Nairobi.  The events climax was the 21 years’ celebration of God's faithfulness since Edumed Trust moved from an idea in the mind of one to action that has seen participation of hundreds of Kenyans. We invite you to sponsor or participate in the next students retreat in November 2017. We are seeking donations in cash and in kind. Kindly contact for more information.


The Annual Students Mentorship - 2016 in Pictures



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